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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  April 27, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm dan ashley. alabama is ground zero for tornado outbreak. at least 58 people are dead there bringing the death toll across the south to 72.
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one of the victims who died while shielding his daughter from a falling tree on camping trip. >> that is something that you pray that you never, ever, ever see. >> the monster tornado took aim at tuscaloosa alabama swelling to a mild wide. >> look at that. that is huge. >> as it roared into birmingham, debris was reported raining on town hundreds of miles away. people were trapped and destruction was left in its wake. >> rescuers carried a child from a collapsed home. the mayor described it as catastrophic. by wednesday evening at least two dozen weather-related deaths were reported in alabama. this camera spotted a storm slamming covington, mississippi.
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jint trees toppled trapped students and uprooted trees like this building in northwest georgia. and dozens of rivers are rising at record rates. more than 15 inches of rain has fallen in a week. so much rain flooding is widespread along the mississippi and ohio river. this suv was nearly swallowed in clarksville, indiana and in branson, missouri families are not sticking around. >> my dad was born and raised here. >> as much of much of the country braces for what is next. >> spencer christian is tracking these storms. what is going on in the southeast again. >> the storms are breaking out. this is an historic outbreak of severe thunderstorms and deadly tornados. you see the red boxes indicating the tornado watch boxes in the area in parts of pennsylvania all the way down to alabama. before i close in, let me show
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you about the dynamics you've got cool dry air flowing down from the northwest and very warm moisture air flowing from the southeast and these contrasting air masses clash. that triggers twisting motion of the thunderstorms that can create the rotation necessary for tornados to develop. let me show you the outbreak. this is in the last 12 hours. no fewer than 124 tornado reports, mainly in this area west of montgomery and west of atlanta. let me close in more and show you the area where the biggest outbreak is occurring. this is historic outbreak, not counting the tornado reports. it produced 654 tornados over a 15 state area and continue to rumble on. it's a very dangerous situation there. >> i don't remember ever it like this.
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>> a fresno man says atlanta's pitching coach spewed homo phobic comments and threatened to knock his teeth out with a bat. atlanta's braves pitching coach robert mcdowell says he is sorry. he says i am deeply sorry that i responded to the fans on saturday. i apologize everyone for my actions. lisa amin gulezian is live a municipal stadium in san jose with fan reaction to the behavior. >> fans are really shocked by what happened but what is stretching the nerves, mcdowell allegedly said to the father of two. that kids don't below at ballpark. >> at this baseball game, families filled the stands and at at&t park on easter weekend families packed that stadium to watch the giants play the braves. just the tin so he and his twin
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daughters could watch batting practice. suddenly pitching coach roger mcdowell made gay slurs and vulgar suggestions to the fan is. >> he heard the coach say, are you guys a homo couple or a three-some. at that point justin shouted hey there are kids out here. the coach replied, kids don't actually belong at the baseball park. >> he turned toward me and grabbed my bat and asked me how much my teeth were worth. >> an attorney is representing the quinn's family and these are quinns demands for commissioner to is investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action, fine the coach and the braves, order mcdowell to apologize to the quinns, fans and to the city of san francisco and for roger
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mcdowell to take sensitivity training classes. selig did release a statement. he says he is troubled by the accusations and that his office is investigating. san francisco police is also investigating. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> u.s. attorney's in san francisco is reviewing thousands of documents and examined the september explosion. they identified 34 miles of pipeline that has faulty records. the story is from heather ishimaru. >> in a letter earlier this month, pg&e told regulators that the companies records for 34 miles of pipeline in urban areas are probably wrong, documents show those 34 miles are seamless but the pipes were made before 1974. >> we know seamless pipes that are bigger than 24 inches is rare prior to 1974.
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>> after the explosion, regulators ordered pg&e to confirm what kind of papers were under ground. they thought the ruptured pipe was seamless when it turned out to have multiple faulty welds. discrepancy on the 34 miles of pre-1974 pipe might never have been found. >> this is one example of what they think they have under ground is so imperfect. now, we know what happened in san bruno and they didn't know what they had in the ground in san bruno, they have to get their act together. >> it's part of 150 that is similar to the ruptured san bruno pipe. they will be tested or replaced before the end of this year. those tests begin on one and a half miles in mountain view and antioch. washington state pipeline consultant says the company should be ready for the worst case scenario. >> all the parties need to be
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developing a contingency plan if they find themselves with frequent barriers they need to move quickly in replacing the pipe. >> there are signs that the devastating neighborhood might begin rebuilding soon. reminders of the disaster are everywhere. >> in the soil, in front here, i went to replace a plant and as i dug down and i went to pull way down deep, i could smell smoke still in the soil. >> pg&e has maintained if they knew they would have known it was not a seamless pipe they would not have done anything different. >> now to reaction to the report. let's go to alan wanting in san bruno. >> san bruno residents say getting information out of pg&e
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has been like pulling teeth. tonight they got a little more information. neighbors likes alan and cindy were ho were badly burned were here. they told them 152 miles of pipeline will be tested by the end of october at shareholders expense. 94 tests will be done during a time it used to conduct usually only three to four tests. jackie speier says if the cost to replace pipes were rolled into commerce's rates why did it end 900 feet before the explosion and what happened to the money. >> i am not going to sit down until we have the answer to what happened to that money. if it were shifted from providing safety to rate payers and shifted to profits for shareholders than we have a big problem. >> the reason it is taking us so
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long to ask the congresswoman's good question, we are conducting an audit of that money going back to the '80s. pull records of pg&e archives. we're deliberate about it because we need to get the answer right. >> what i believe they should be held accountable and i mean counl, i even mean jail time. >> and d.a. says he was priced to hear that the u.s. attorney did announce an investigation has been launched because they usually do not confirm or deny these things. he says the answer as to who is responsible and who will be accountable are in the n.t.s.b. reports which have bet yet to be released. it was also announced that an anniversary event is being planned here in san bruno which is on september 9th, one year from the day of explosion. also u.s. transportation
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secretary ray lahood will be in san bruno on may 19 viewing the site of the explosion. >> thanks. >> there is much more ahead to bring you this april 27th. earthquake safety in california schools. testimony confirms that classrooms really are on shaky ground. >> i present to you the chief of police to the city and county of san francisco greg suhr. >> he is not stranger to scandal. >> riding rails. >> riding rails. pthis is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. in honor of amtrak's 40th anniversary, kids ride free for 40 days. details at an arrest could come soon in the case of a german tourist killed by a stray bullet near
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union square. the family met with the address this morning. they told mr. shore and his two sons they hope to make a arrest in the near future. they were celebrating their anniversary when a bullet hit her during an apparent shootout with rival gang members. >> the i wanted to come to see where my wife and mother died. it's most important time for me to come back to san francisco. >> suspect who has were arrested shortly after the shooting were released ultimately due to insufficient evidence. george gascon was police chief at the time. >> we're working this very complex case together. we're believe we're closer to
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the point. >> he says he holds no ill will toward san francisco. >> staying in the city as we first reported last night. there is a new police chief. official announcement came together. greg suhr is a veteran with the department. his decades experience include quite a and a few up and downs. >> today i have chosen the best candidate. >> it was the 30-year veteran greg suhr a cop who has done just about every job in the department. from a beat cop and now chief. suhr was the resounding choice of the rank and file. >> at this moment, he knows what they have to go through. >> the cops on the street it was important to have one of their own and that is what greg suhr is. >> i'm a fourth generation, born and raised san franciscan.
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so i'm a local hire. >> and during three decades he had his up and downs. he was one of the command officers accused of covering up the fajita gate controversy. indictments were ultimately dropped. in 2005 suhr lost his job as head of a patrol division after he pulled riot patrol out. and he was demoted back to captain because he didn't report domestic violence incident. they said suhr had saved her life by convincing her to go to the police. >> most of the allegations against greg were nonsense. i'm very happy that the mayor was able to see through that.
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>> suhr says his encounters through adversity were life lessons. >> it's made me a better police officer and i think it will serve me well as chief of police. >> first thing is knock out this door. locked the dhoor keeps the public away from the chief's office. >> that will be open on the first day. >> he is now work on the fifth floor of the hall of justice. he has a lot of supporters in this town, as evidence the large number of people that came to his swearing in. there was community activists and he is capable administrator. homicide rate dropped by 50% when he as captain but he has a lot of challenge ahead, mainly the budget. >> let's go back to expense. we talked with him about these terrible tornados in the
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southeast. this is unique there. >> in the next half-hour, i'll bif you an update. outbreak is still going on. here, we just have a different dynamics here. live view from high definition rooftop camera looking out over the embarcadero toward the bay bridge, a clear, cool and brisk evening with breezes rather strong. here is a look at current temperatures. pretty mild at antioch, 61 degrees but we have readings in the 50s at other locations around the bay area. these are highlights, cooler days tomorrow with gusty winds especially on the coast but all areas will feel increasing winds by late afternoon and early evening. it will get quite warmer. satellite radar and composite image, a few high thin clouds moving through this evening as well. we have other changes on the way as we look at the wider
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satellite radar composite image. this is north-northwest is going to drop southward and eastward and that will bring a bit of change. locally strong winds developing tomorrow. skies will remain sunny and by friday that system will have moved far enough to the east and we get a shift of the wind pattern and continues right through the weekend and into next week. tonight, temperatures dropping down to the cool range especially in the inland areas of the north bay, low of 41 and napa 42 and livermore, overnight low of me. most locations in the mid to upper 40s and then tomorrow, pleasant day but cooler than today. certainly breezier, highs in the mid to upper 60s around 67 and san jose and campbell. on peninsula, low to mid 60s. 62 at san mateo but up to 65 in
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palo alto. mid 50s on the coast and windy, at pacifica and half moon bay. in and around san francisco, not any highs or getting up to 60 degrees but certainly approaching 60 degrees. 56 in sunset district. north bay highs, up to around 68 in santa rosa. on the near east bay, cooler average, highs in the low 60s approaching mid 60s. and highs in the mid to upper 50s about 68 at concord and pittsburg and monterey bay, highs in the upper 50s at carmel and monterey bay. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, after a little drop-off in temperature tomorrow and bit of a breeze overnight, we'll see milder conditions on friday and look at the highs as we get into the weekend by sunday. in fact, sunday through wednesday we'll see inland highs above 80 degrees, low 70s around the bay and 60 on the coast. very mild weather.
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>> thank you, expenser. >> coming up next, targeted therapy at stanford and one small amazing step.
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san francisco. and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion.
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from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. zbloost hearing followed investigative work by our media partner california watch. laura anthony has more on the story. >> its loose run organization. >> brian burns is parent who traveled to sa tell
9:24 pm
lawmakers what he thinks of the state's oversight of seismic upgrades in schools. >> you are talking about missing school districts reporting to the state of architects they are doing jobs in our school district, nothing was reported to the state. >> and in pescadero he found structural work had been donl without the state's approval. last week california watch sifted through documents and found serious lapses like pescadero children in danger of a major earthquake. they did not conform with the field data that require all projects be earthquake resistant. >> there are projects out there where districts have either not come for review and certification or purposely avoided it.
9:25 pm
>> another issue for district administrators the states abc hundred list which includes 7500 schools that need upgrades have serious omissions. >> what was not on the list was the most vulnerable building a wood frame elementary school. >> seismologists say the recent japanese earthquake provides many lessons for california. >> it's revealed what we known that there were places that we weren't inspecting. >> they presided over the hearings but i'm told the senator may put through legislation or some reform over how the state present sides over seismic upgrades of schools. police are investigating two cases of copper wire theft tonight. in benicia they arrested two men after finding copper wire had
9:26 pm
been stolen at the a softball field. in north richmond, we were on board amtrak's capital corridor train during a safety awareness program. police spotted three men loading copper wire into the back of a truck. officers jumped off the train and with guns drawn arrested the three men. scrap copper sells for about 4:25 a pound. about that train awareness program i mentioned, local officials in the east bay are worried about the increasing number of track passers on the track and motorists driving illegally through rail crossings. >> there is lot that didn't grew up around trains and don't realize that the train is traveling 30 miles an hour takes almost 20 minutes or 30 minutes but for many people now, that have ipads in their ears they are distracted, kind of like
9:27 pm
drivers. this is matter of education, education, education. you have to let people know railroad tracks are dangerous places. >> they are, indeed, and to underscore that for a berkeley man that was killed by an amtrak man. he tried to cross the tracks through a gap and mayor says train traffic there has doubled in the past five or six years. >> when we continue, airport shootout. nine americans were assassinated after a meeting with an afghan pilot becomes violent. >> born in the u.s.a., president obama releases his official birth certificate. plus musical chairs for the obama administration. stay with us. another half-hour of news begins here in just a moment. mççoççmç
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we need to solve the problem. the state budget crisis threatens our economy... and our schools. loans to small b job creation at a standstill. 30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts?
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$13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety, and the california we know. it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait. good evening, we're going to begin this half-hour with a massacre of nine americans by an afghan air force officer. he lined up the americans and killed them, execution style. martha radiks in how it affects the men and women fighting there. >> it was a massacre, in a highly guarded air force base at kabul airport. nine americans were meeting in a conference room with a group of afghan airmen to discuss the training, all of them armed with an american supplied handgun.
9:31 pm
suddenly, a 48-year-old afghan pilot, a 20-year veteran erupted in anger and stormed out. within minutes he returned with his u.s. issued handgun drawn. u.s. officials tell abc news he ordered the americans and afghans to drop their weapons and line up. that is when he opened fire execution style. the eight american service members and one contractor were killed. five afghans badly wounded. the shooter took his own life. across the complex, chaos the sounds of gunfire and soldiers scrambling some jumping out of windows to escape. mike was at the airport. >> sirens were going off and people were herded into buildings and told there was situation. >> he says he was under financial strain and no
9:32 pm
connection with the taliban. this the seventh time this year that afghan troops have turned on american and nato forces. the level of trust of afghans will be more shaken after today. >> in fact since 2009, 24 u.s. military personnel have been killed, but this horrific event is by far the worst. i have gotten e-mails from the military saying -- what are we fighting for? >> a big national security shakeup is in the works. president obama is expected to name c.i.a. director leon panetta to replace robert gates as defense secretary. he will face an agenda that includes pentagon spending, two wars, the operation in libya and gays in the military. he will be replaced with a c.i.a. director by david petraeus who is currently the war commander in afghanistan. an official announcement is expected in washington tomorrow. president obama meantime, made an extraordinary move to
9:33 pm
silent birther conspiracy theorists saying it's time to stop side shows. he released a copy of his original birth certificate but it still didn't stop donald trump from firing back. >> it's light that would not die. >> he doesn't have a birth certificate. he may have one, but there is something on that may be religion, maybe he a muslim, i don't know. >> this really is biggest hoax contemplated against our country. >> he became before the american people to provide more american documentation that he was born in the u.s. and constitutionally eligible for the position he holds. >> eligible in hawaii, august 4th, 1961 in the hospital there. >> it came in a campaign in the spring of 2008. then senator obama responded by posting on his campaign website the certification of live birth that hawaii issues.
9:34 pm
for some, that was not enough. nor were the 1961 birth announcements in honolulu's major newspaper. he persisted. >> if i had dna. >> the numbers have been growing. 43% of all americans say the president was either not born in the u.s. or they are not sure where he was born. including two-thirds of republicans and almost half of independents. president said polling did not prompt today's action. instead he cited a budget debate between him and republicans was overshadowed by possible republican presidential candidate donald trump birther bunk. so he sent a letter request make the state of the exception provide certified copies of his original birth certificate. >> in new hampshire today, a triumphant trump.
9:35 pm
>> i feel like i've accomplished something really, really important. i'm honored by it. >> in a taping of the oprah winfrey show, president obama joked of course he knew he was born in the u.s. he was there and he remembers it. >> a huge moment for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she boarded a nasa jet to fly to florida to watch the final launch of the shuttle endeavour. it shows giffords walking up the plane's stairs. mark kelly is prepares for the launch. giffords has been receiving treatment following a gunshot wound to the head. >> medical news, cancer is the number one cause of disease related deaths for children. but pediatric cancer research funding lags far behind. carolyn johnson with the story of one little girl celebrating
9:36 pm
her seventh birthday today. >> isadore is a bright first grader. >> she loves climbing trees and runs around. >> she is very creative. >> a remarkable turnaround from five years ago when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. her parents had known something was wrong. >> these are the couple words she did. >> have a doctor at lucille packard recommended a new approach for isabel after the tumor was removed. >> what was different she received a novel treatment where she got less radiation where only the back part of the brain was radiated and not the whole brain. >> for her it was much less
9:37 pm
targeted therapy that minimized the long-term effects that come with treating cancer in children. >> there are lot the knotted a lot of companies that develop drugs for her cancer. >> dr. fischer points out it's not a big enough market for drug companies and federal funding is not there, as well. they spent $193 million in pediatric research in 2009 but that fraction of nearly $5 billion budget. once considered a successful treatment of childhood brain cancer can cause serious disability because the radiation that kills the cancer can cause brain damage and problems with other vital organs, as well. >> cost long term for the families in swoets society is huge. >> it was really clear early on that there was a big difference between the adult world when it comes to cancer and treating it
9:38 pm
and options and the pediatric world. >> but they say they are fortunate in their fight against brain cancer. >> we are blessed because she mass made progress. >> five years later she is cancer free and loving life. >> happy birthday. >> and this weekend brain tumor network is holding a fund-raiser, to make a donation but to like to help, go to our website at >> as we continue here tonight. extreme makeover. >> very scary. everything was faded. >> not anymore. a chance to see how the other half lives. ♪ ♪ >> and how this moment on the ed
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sullivan show turned into ai
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a pacific heights mansion has been transported. decorators showcase is chance to
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get a peek inside these lavish homes. >> the house was built in 1927. price tag $200,000. these days, that might give you a closet. this is on it has sweeping views and peak into neighbor's backyard. four stories and more than two dozen intior tier your designers have created real work of arts. see how the pros do it. take the living room. >> we decided to keep the walls very quiet. we didn't want to interrupt the view. >> and wallpaper to seal it. the kitchen looked like a 60s barbecue joint. it's an elegant dining room. they had about eight weeks to implement their sign. james tarrantino's family owns
9:43 pm
how itself. >> i thinks it's wonderful. rebirth it's well deserved. >> upstairs was his bedroom. we imagined thanks to otis reddings dock of the bay written in sausalito. >> we decided organic elements to make it peaceful. >> master bath is spa like escape. spacious master bedroom touched with colors. and rumpus room. >> it's kind of that man cave. >> check out the library, this the owner's favorite room. this showcase is where traditional and contemporary concepts merge. >> city council in budapest hungary is green lighting a plan to name a park after elvis presley.
9:44 pm
he showed great support for the revolution in 1956 when he sang this song on the ed sullivan show. ♪ ♪ >> that is peace in the valley which may say reflected thinks concern for hungarians. so they dedicated a lot that will be called elvis presley park. it's off the danube river. some people are hoping the park will some day rival graceland in memphis. that may be tough to pull off. coming up, we'll take you to napa valley grape vineyard that hasn't been award for
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>> in napa county, a vineyard experiment it uses a process that imitates nature. it could lead to a day when growers irrigate crops from thin air. >> its vineyard where the proverbable old vines rule.
9:48 pm
despite buying wrinkled as matt likes to say, they are admiral. >> they are resilient. they don't stress out. >> matt manages the vineyards for mondavi. he is the guy who plants new vines and tries to cut costs. last summer he tried an experiment, these are called water boxes and they pull moisture from the air and use it to irrigate young plants. it's the same process you see here when cold liquid condenses water from the atmosphere. the results have been surprisingly good. >> all this, the green leaves but it's just popping. >> these water boxes are roughly $25 each, $25 to irrigate this vine to maturity but there is another advantage, they make the vines work for a plifg. >> work to get the nutrients and it's got to work to produce fruit.
9:49 pm
when we have a vine that has to work to produce fruit. we get a more complex flavored wine. >> water boxes are the rain children of peter haus. back then he can grow crops in the sahara even. >> as part of the experiment they took acorns from old oak trees and used water boxes to grow new ones. they are working, too. >> in an area where we don't have any water, water boxes are great. >> a resource that agriculture can use and it's all there in surprisingly wet air in a field of old vines, a new trick. >> back to spencer, he is tracking these terrible tornados popping up all over the southeast. >> we're still looking at live
9:50 pm
doppler. very long line of violent thunderstorms and deadly tornados parts of pennsylvania all the way down to alabama. there have been so many reports of tornados today. in the last 12 hours, the total number of tornado reports up to now, 124. there have been no fewer than 72 deaths associated with tornados in the southeast. so the weather continues to be deadly and dangerous. meanwhile, back in the bay area, things are quite calm and pleasant. from high definition looking west, few harmless clouds moving through the sky. high temperatures got above 70 degrees in some of the inland locations, it was quite mild inland. half moon bay had a high of only 59 degrees and it's going to get cooler tomorrow. seven-day forecast, it will be dry and it will be sunny, and sunny on sunday, too, but windy tomorrow afternoon and then we start to warm up over the weekend. high temperatures climbing up to
9:51 pm
the 80s inland and 70s on the coast. >> and larry beil is going to be with all the sports. >> not a good day for keith smart. you could kind of sense this day is coming. warriors about to make a move on the market. and who is next on the bench for the warriors?
9:52 pm
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coming up tonight at 11:00, as we've talked about here tonight. one day, more than a hundred tornados, tonight, rescue operations are underway in alabama and throughout the south. we'll have the latest on a terrifying and devastating day. and president obama and oprah is poking fun at the birther controversy. that is over on channel 7. larry beil is here tonight. >> you could see this coming. >> he did a very good job as the keith smart but he needed to do some spectacular to do keep that job. they announced that smart will not be back. he took over for donshel nelson,
9:55 pm
he led 36-46, an improvement of ten victories but the warriors never really serious playoff contenders. they have flawed roster with ellis but they need to rebound better and they need to play better defense and somebody else will be on the bench next season. >> keith did a good job of getting our players to play right to the end. we had a good locker room. he did some good things for us. >> our defense has to improve. it not that we have that as the model for the coach, but there are some responsibility, of course, on my part to go get guys to do a better job defensively. i recognize that immediately. >> the owner says they have a short list of candidate. we don't know who is on the list but the rumor mill has mike brown in the mix and warriors
9:56 pm
make take a run at jazz coach jerry sloane. >> some guys of national athletes and some are not. bum guarder gets him with a swing and miss. here it is. a bloop and he'll walk. 1-0 pirates. aubrey huff pops it up this is what we love. nice and makes the catch. james mcdonnel came in with an era of 8 and miguel tejada and giants fall 2-0. and anaheim, trying to avoid the sweep against the angels. seven scoreless, hunter right there. top of the third, off of brown
9:57 pm
to the first. he can't field it and always takes the head off of the coach. look out! brandon powell scored on the sack fly. a run off of herren and to close it out to double and tie it and the left. look out! wells was on a collision court and triple for pinnington. that is the winning run, 2-1 a's in the final. >> sharks are getting ready for round two of the playoffs and another clash with detroit. schedule was set about an hour ago. game one will be friday night in san jose and game two in sunday in the tank at noon. they took care of business last year, knocking the red wings out in five games. they took three out of four from detroit. sharks are confident but wary of franchise in detroit that has been a powerhouse in the nhl for
9:58 pm
years. >> it doesn't matter how much you have won and loss against them. >> it going to be a good series. they are great team and so are we. we have a long history. it will be a fun match-up and it be a good series. >> n.b.a. playoffs, this is amazing, final second, san antonio needs a three to tie. ginobili hits but looking at the left toe on the line. they call it a 2. and here is on fire! tony parker vintage crossover for two of his 24. spurs survive, 110-103. denver, oklahoma city, nuggets trying to fend off elimination.
9:59 pm
durrant put on a show. down by 2 and one handed floater and thunder take the lead. how about a little more from kevin. he had 41 tying his playoff high. oklahoma city holds on 100 to department. >> and news from the n.f.l., they decided the lockout that was lifted will remain lifted and head to the draft tomorrow. who knows if the league owners are going decide to allow trades or how they are going to conduct business but the drafted goes tomorrow. >> that is it for this edition. for all of us, i'm dan ashley, thank you for watching. we hope to sigh one hour on over


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